16 Words


A native of Far Rockaway in Queens, N.Y., singer-songwriter Margo Guryan always had her heart and soul in the L.A. music scene of the late ‘60s. Back in ‘68, Margo recorded a now classic album of classic ‘60s pop entitled Take A Picture. Thankfully Franklin Castle / Oglio Records in L.A. reissued that classic on CD circa 2001—along with another classic collection of Guryan tracks she recorded between 1966 and the mid ‘70s (+ one track from 2000) entitled 25 Demos. It’s only taken 40 years but Margo is back in a big way with a new double A-side single that aptly defines her mistrust of our fearless leader George “Dubya” Bush. Using Bush’s own inimitable gift of dubya-speak, 16 Words cuts right to the gist of how the American people were sold a never-ending, polarizing war that has killed thousands of innocent people and just maybe, (, definitely) didn’t have to happen. In lesser hands, the song “16 Words” would have been considered mere payback, but in the hands of Margo Guryan the song is a dead-on, caustic and classic pop jewel—just the kind they used to make 40 years ago. The b-side to the song “16 Words,” “Yes I Am” was actually written way back when by Margo for Dick Nixon, but the song is as apropos now as it was when Margo wrote it over 35 years ago.


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