Focus 9 / New Skin
(Red Bullet)


The Dutch instrumental rock group Focus was formed at the end of the ‘60s by guitarist Jan Akkerman and cofounder keyboardist / flutist Thjis van Leer. Quite a number of albums later both artists are still in their prime—Akkerman as a prolific guitarist in Europe and van Leer as the current leader of Focus. Still keeping the arty instrumental guitar-centric sound alive on the 2007 CD release of Focus 9 / New Skin, van Leer adds guitarist Niels van der Steenhoven to fill the void of Akkerman, while producer / bassist Bobby Jacobs and Dutch drumming legend Pierre van der Linden make a formidable rhythm section. Hats off to Euro keyboard icon Thjis van Leer for keeping the Euro flavored Focus classical / jazz fusion sound alive and well in the new millennium. /


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