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Proof once again that the guitar speaks every language known to man, Dubrovnik, Croatia born and now NYC based Zel stakes out some interesting fretboard terrain on his 2009 CD. Released on his own Zel Productions, the ten track True CD is like listening to time flying by. With his sense of old world Eastern Europe mixing with a strong love for the music of Spanish classical / flamenco guitar extrapolators such as Francisco Tarrega and Paco DeLucia, Zel puts a new spin on the old world sound of the guitar as modern, 21st century pop art. Self-prouced by Zel, True is a good example of merging the classical guitar and classical techniques with added elements of electronic synth keyboards and flamenco style castenets and percussion. From the neon flecked cover and label art to the hypnotic electronic beats and pulse, Zel gives the primal sound of the classical flamenco guitar a futuristic, modern edge. With it’s upbeat, driving grooves and captivating percussive beats, (the set closing “Libertas” clocks in at 140 BPM!), True would make a good choice for both fans of both the nylon string guitar as well as fans of folk and rock instrumentals. www.ZelGuitar.com

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Musical Background

I`ve been playing guitar for 30 years. My main guitar instructor was Flamenco Master Enrique Vargas who taught me for years while he lived in New York City.

New CD

My debut CD is named True, recorded during 2008 and 2009 in New York City. It reflects my philosophy on music. Melody is the most important element and everything else is secondary. Melodies are mostly influenced by old Croatian folk songs. Technically, the influence is mostly from flamenco but techniques are changed to fit my compositions. Virtuosity was demonstrated in some tracks like “Pearl” played only with the thumb (Alzapua) or “Gate” which is played mostly by my unique technique (a combination of picado and tremolo). Sophistication of sound and stereo imaging are also carefully crafted to create additional dimensions for the listener.

Favorite Guitars

This is very interesting question because I prefer to keep my setup a professional secret. What I can say is that I use custom made Spanish Flamenco guitars with high quality strings, microphones and equipment.

Musical Influences

I grew up listening Friday Night In San Francisco by De Lucia, McLaughlin and Di Meola. Outstanding technique, especially De Lucia. Melodically, Francisco Tarrega's work is the most impressive, especially Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

Upcoming Plans

Second Album composed. Provisional name: Colors of Rain. It will continue emphasis on the melody and my unique guitar technique which will be more prominent on the second album.

Web Site

My web-site is www.zelguitar.com
Email is: zel@zelguitar.com
Thanks for all supporters and guitar lovers.


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