All This And World War II
(Hip-O Select)


Anticipating the 10th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper, rock impresario Lou Reizner assembled an amazing cast for the 1976 double Lp soundtrack to the never before released movie All This And World War II. Reizner’s concept of the film was disturbing yet clearly made it’s point. Pairing actual war movie footage of Germany bombing England during WWII with orchestral music would be bizarre enough but the soundtrack of the movie featured the biggest names in rock performing orchestral covers of Beatles, specifically Lennon / McCartney, originals. For an idea of the film that never was, you can see early trailers on Imagine as Germany bombed England, a young Julia Lennon hiding, pregnant with future Beatle John, in a bomb shelter praying for god sheltered missed targets and other sundry psychotic visions of that harrowing era. Okay, forget the movie and it’s disturbing connotations, and concentrate on The London Symphony Orchestra backing up the golden vocals of pop icons such as Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood of The Move, Elton John (with John Lennon on guitar), The Four Seasons, 2 short years before his death, Keith Moon, The Bee Gees and the list goes on and is quite enormous and extensive. This fine and dandy 2008 Hip-O Select reissues the original double Lp expertly remastered as a double CD in a lovely box set, reproducing the original program guide complete with die-cut cover and Sgt. Fields patch.


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