On the anniversary of their 50th anniversary as a band, The Ventures bring their legacy full circle with the 2007 release of Rocky! So far only released by EMI in Japan, where they remain an institution, the 16 track CD features what the Ventures do best—guitar-centric Ventures-sized cover instrumentals of rock classics everyone over 45 knows. Still featuring founding guitarists Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards and Bob Bogle, the Rocky CD also features long time Ventures guitarists Gerry McGhee and Bob Spaulding and Leon Taylor—the son of late great founding drummer Mel Taylor on the skins. For rock instrumental fans, Rocky centers around sixteen inspirational Ventures style covers—from “Jesus Is Just Alright” and “We Are The World” to “Turn! Turn! Turn!” and “All You Need Is Love.” The inspirational energy and fretboard precision of all these players combined makes Rocky! a rocking return to form from a pioneering instro rock legend.


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