Coming full circle from Texas, to teaching around Manhattan and out to recording on the Left Coast, guitarist Hunter Perrin joins forces with his home town Texas buddy Paul Beebe for the 2009 release of the self-titled CD debut from their new band Thunderado. Releasing his solo debut in 2000, Perrin studied classical guitar at Yale university and closer to home in Austin but, clearly on Thunderado his love of rock and roll supersedes his classical and experimental guitar chops. Perrin’s 2003 mood music CD, Subtitles, was an eighteen track musical expose on the acoustic guitar that merged a number of different styles into a concise and expansive instrumental mosaic. Moving back into a rock style for Thunderado, the ten track CD finds Beebe and Perrin harmonizing vocally on a low key, gently rocking CD that zig zags between a west Texas Buddy Holly style R&R sound in the studio and a blusier pop approach that all told will likely appeal to fans of Chuck Berry and Paul McCartney. There’s even a surf-style Tex/Czech style instro rock number on the CD called “Juarez” that kicks up some dust. Backing up Perrin and Beebe on the Thunderado CD is drummer Kenny Aronoff. An accomplished guitarist who clearly enjoys a wide-ranging musical palate, Hunter Perrin is currently on tour in the latest John Fogerty band. That altruistic musical chemistry and affinity for great song writing apparent on Fogerty’s excellent 2009 CD—which also includes Perrin and Aronoff—is also clearly at the core of Thunderado's CD. Fans of Fogerty’s 2009 album with The Blue Ridge Rangers will no doubt catch a buzz from Thunderado.

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Musical Background

Hunter Perrin: I started on classical guitar when I was a little boy after playing piano and drums for a spell. Then, I was quickly bit by the rock and roll bug. Two of my uncles are great musicians who encouraged all of us to play, play, play. All of the family would get together and lay into some heavy garage classics like “Gloria” and “Dirty Water.” Too cool.

Paul Beebe: I have a BA in music theory from Tulane University and have been playing guitar since about 1989. I first played bass in the high school jazz band (where Hunter played guitar) because we wanted to play together and there was only room for one guitar player. In 2000, after college, I joined a band called The El Orbits as the bass player that played lots of pop standards (“Fly Me to the Moon”, etc.) and gulf coast R&B tunes. I’ve essentially been a full time bass player ever since.

New CD

Hunter Perrin: The new self-titled CD, Thunderado, was recorded in two days at Steve Lukather's Steakhouse Studio. We cut everything live with guest drummer Kenny Aronoff. It really is the sound of the live show captured by ace-enginneer Steve Churchyard. Because of the nature of the recording, bassist Paul Beebe would often make his lines fill more space in the mix by playing extremely active bass parts.

Paul Beebe: Thunderado was recorded live with vocals overlaid in about 15 hours spread over two days in August 2008. Playing it live really kept the energy up which translates to the listener I think, and was a nice challenge for both Hunter and me since many of the songs are fast and have intricate lines that we had to nail on the spot. All of Hunter’s solos were played live with no overdubbing.

Favorite Guitars

Hunter Perrin: The entire album contains one guitar and one amp. A 2008 Gretsch Power Jet with TV Jones Pickups played through a 1964 Fender Princeton. Strings are D'Addario 11-47. A Danelectro tremolo pedal was used in the mixing process.

Paul Beebe: Actually, there was a second guitar amp used in the mixing process, an Epiphone Valve Junior head through a Fender Blues Deluxe cabinet. The head burned out a while ago and now it’s just a one 12” cabinet. We ran the recorded electric track out through a Danelectro tremolo pedal into the Epiphone and miked it to add some depth to the guitar tone without having the guitar doubled (played twice.) Neither of us particularly like the sound of doubled guitars, but saw the need for a fuller tone. I played a 70’s era MusicMan Stingray direct through a Country Gentlemen preamp for the entire recording. Live, I typically play a late 60’s Kay shortscale SG knockoff through a GK head and an Ampeg cabinet.

Musical Influences

Hunter Perrin: Some of my favorites include: Keith Richards, Billy Gibbons, Angus and Malcom Young, John Fogerty, and Neil Young. Tres Hombres and Sticky Fingers for albums. Having said that, the funny thing about the Thunderado record is that it turned out way more Southern California meets West Texas than was first intended. Somewhere between The Rock and Roll Trio, Chet Atkins, The Cramps, Django Reinhardt and Tom Waits.

Paul Beebe: My favorite band is The Beatles, and as cliché as that is, I think it is still well deserved. Paul McCartney is also my favorite bass player, but my personal bass playing hero is Mark Andes of JoJo Gunn, Firefall, and Spirit, and who now plays with Ian McLagan of the Faces. He’s a fantastic bass player and a really great dude. My bass playing is a mix of Beatles, light rock, and pop standards.

Upcoming Plans

Hunter Perrin: Been recording with the John Fogerty Band lately for John's latest Blue Ridge Rangers project. So cool.

Paul Beebe: I have a home studio and have several projects I’m involved in at the moment including The Small Sounds (indie/alt country), Chango Man (Cumbia/Rock), and Leah White and the Magic Mirrors (Family and Children). Thunderado is looking to do another record sometime next year, possibly with Conrad Choucroun on the drums.

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