Live Rosfest
(Umbrello Records)


It’s incredible to look back at what happened—not only in the music world, but also in the world overall—since January 1st, 2005. Four years after 9/11, (aka September 11, 2001)—in 2005 the world was still locked in the grip of terrorism. This was the global backdrop as English rock royalty, The Syn reformed for what would turn out to become Syndestructibletheir all time masterpiece, released in the second half of 2005. Steve Nardelli had somehow convinced first, Pete Banks, and then Chris Squire to rejoin (sadly enough) different lineups of The Syn that produced two unique, yet completely unique sounding progressive rock albumsOriginal Syn (2004) and Syndestructible (2005). Praising the legacy of the late, great Syn keyboardist Andrew Pryce Jackman, by mid 2005, The SYN were back on track until the Summer 2005 terror attacks in London tragically sideswiped and derailed their never to be Summer 2005 “More Drama” tour of the U.S. The best was yet to come on October 25th, 2005 when, what would turn out to be the greatest prog-rock album of the decade, Syndestructible hit the CD store shelves like a bolt out of the blue. In a snapshot of timewhile in the way of life changing hurricanes and bad luck in the passing of generationsunexpected infighting between the founders all but destroyed the original Syn again, yet, with renewed listening, the band's music still holds up remarkably well. Then lo and behold, in the get back spirit of early 2009, Steve Nardelli once again arrived in New York, putting together another version of The Syn, assisted by a pair of tri-state prog greats—Francis Dunnery and Tom Brislinfor the critically acclaimed Big Sky album. Breaking up yet again after only a few 2009 shows, this lineup of The SYN was, fortunately recorded live in concertperforming the entire Big Sky album and several mid '60s SYN classics live, during their appearance at the 2009 Rosfest music festival in the Philadelphia area. The results can finally be heard, after six long years, on a brilliant 2015 double disc set called The Syn Live Rosfest. The packaging is tasteful yet straightforward with bizarre looking artwork from Tommie Molecule that will intrigue prog fans. In addition to the 78 minute concert, The Syn Live Rosfest CD is accompanied by a 45 minute DVD containing two films— the original and first ever DVD release of The Making Of Big Sky as well as a more recent Syn documentary, filmed and produced by Kaz Bieliki, called The Syn In The 21st Century. Just about everything involving The Syn in the 21st century is in this film, strangely minus anything about the late great SYN / YES guitar icon Pete Banks, who became the first founding member of YES to pass away in March 2013. With the onset of his dreaded illness, it’s looking more like Chris Squire will probably not get to record with The Syn again. Even so, Steve Nardelli is promising his next landmark Syn adventure called Trustworks, recorded during sessions with Swedish prog-poppers Moon Safari over the past five years. Coincidentally, The Syn Live Rosfest is arriving into the recorded music pipeline at the same time as 2015 repressings of Syndestructible and The Original Syn. Yet another sonic bolt out of the blue by the mercurial Steve Nardelli, The Syn Live Rosfest will do quite nicely until Trustworks reveals the next chapter in the ongoing story of The Syn.


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