Hymns For Guitar


An instrumental album of timeless, meditative, acoustic guitar tributes to some classic old-time American hymns from the mid 1800’s, Hymns For Guitar is a pastoral sounding change of pace album from rock guitar legend Steve Hunter. Hunter, who has played his trademark rock guitar for icons like Lou Reed and Alice Cooper tones down his sound here and the results are as rustic and appealing as anything created by guitar icons like England’s Martin Simpson and John Fahey. Hymns For Guitar was produced by esteemed record producer Bob Ezrin, who previously worked with Hunter on albums by Reed, Peter Gabriel and more. Acoustic guitar fans might recall several Hymns For Guitar tracks as they’ve long been famous as classic old American religious hymns. Commenting further, Hunter adds, ‘When I was a very little boy....maybe 4 or 5 years old, my grandmother would occasionally take me to Sunday church with her. I always enjoyed the sound of people gently and quietly singing those beautiful old hymns. My main goal was to try to recreate the warm, peaceful sound with acoustic guitars that I had heard as a boy in church.’ On Hymns For Guitar Hunter expertly revives these religious melodies with refreshing insight, making these timeless songs his own. Currently putting the finishing touches on his next album, entitled Short Stories, Hunter is currently on tour in the U.S. and Europe with Lou Reed, recreating the Berlin album.


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