Just Roll Tape


Commenting on the wealth of timeless songs captured on the Summer 2007 CD release of Just Roll Tape, Stephen Stills claims, ‘Some you’ll know; some you might not. The tape has been lost to the wind for almost 40 years until Graham Nash discovered it’s existence and urged me to release it. Somehow, it’s found its way back, and these songs now feel like great friends when they were really young.’ Finding himself in NYC at a recording session for Judy Collins, the story goes that Still wandered into a recording studio down the hall, peeled off a couple c-notes, picked up his acoustic and told the engineer in no uncertain terms to, ‘just roll tape.’ So, just how much musical greatness was captured on April 26th, 1968 by an artist who was in the early days of becoming a musical icon? Caught forever that day, on a tape that was presumed lost, were first ever solo acoustic renditions of song classics that Stills would, in a matter of months, officially re-record solo and with CSN, CSN&Y and Manassas. Thanks to the diligent work of finding this master tape by musician Joe Colasurdo—who kept the tapes safe all these years and contacted Nash—music fans can get to hear first ever recording of future Stills classics like “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” “Change Partners,” “Black Queen,” “So Begins The Task” and more. Contrary to its bootleg looking cover art, the sound quality is pretty good and overall the 13 track CD is a fascinating look back at the early days of a rock and roll pioneer.


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