The Forbidden City
(Angel Air)


The original Stackridge stopped releasing new studio albums in 1975 but in 2005, thirty years later, they reformed for a solid CD of new studio works with the four core members, guitarists Andy Davis and James Warren, Crun Walter (bass) and Mutter Slater (flute). Thanks again to Angel Air Records, who released their ‘05 comeback Sex & Flags, and did a first class job with the entire Stackridge catalog in 2006, in early '08 you can also hear a 2007 double live CD set recorded in April 2007 in Bath, England. With their inspirational post-Beatles sounding pop well in tact, Stackridge sound like they haven’t missed a beat as the four key players delight the Bath fans with a stellar mix of newer songs and vintage Stackridge. Anyone who wonders why Stackridge didn’t become a household word across the pond in the mid ‘70s can hear the band they morphed into in back in 1979. Although best known for the first ‘79 / 80 Korgis period, Davis and Warren reformed The Korgis again in 1992 for This World’s For Everyone, an album newly reissued on CD in 2008 by Angel Air. Stackridge are well worth hearing again, as are the original Korgis albums from the ‘79-81 era. The 2007 CD of This World’s For Everyone takes it’s place amid all the classic Stackridge and Korgis reissue CDs on Angel Air.


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