Everybody Knows
(Sharon Robinson Songs)


Currently on tour as a backing vocalist on the 2009 Leonard Cohen world tour, singer Sharon Robinson is making waves of her own with the CD release of Everybody Knows. The L.A. based Robinson produced Leonard Cohen’s recent albums, and returning the favor Leonard Cohen painted the Everybody Knows CD cover art. Showcasing her own compositions, the CD also features three tracks co-written by Robinson and Cohen including the title track “Everybody Knows” and two others. She’s been compared to a mix of female singers including ‘80s jazz-pop vocalist Sade, introspective folk-jazz songstress Joni Mitchell, the downtown avant pop of Anna Domino with the soul of R&B legend Roberta Flack. The truth is Sharon’s music is as cutting edge and original as Cohen’s recent works and the CD should have wide cross over appeal among jazz buffs, folk fans and rockers. Backing up Robinson’s multi-tracked lyrics and trip hop beats in the studio are a number of gifted players including guitarist Christopher Bruce, drummer Jay Bellerose, percussionist Joey Waronker, Bob Glaub on bass and much more. One of the highlights here is track 2, “Party For The Lonely.” With way cool vocal effects and electric guitar, it's an electro jazz-pop sleeper of a track if there ever was one!


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