Celestial Zen
(Sequoia Records)


One of the great American New Age based instrumental music labels, Sequoia Records was founded by the Gordon brothers—David Gordon (synths, sequencers) and Steve Gordon (acoustic / electric guitars, bass guitars)—back in the late 1980’s. With a multitude of fascinating instrumental and occasional vocal CDs, Sequoia moves forward with the 2012 release of Celestial Zen. Interestingly, the six track album was recorded way back 1984 and was released on black vinyl Lp and cassette under the name Celestial Suite. In preparation for this, the first ever CD release, the original reel to reel master tapes were located and the end result features the original album greatly enhanced by today’s superior audio technology. Owing more to artists such as Eno and even electronic music pioneers like Morton Subotnick, the 54 minute Celestial Zen is very much an early ambient / electronic instrumental album filled with a unique mix of spacy electronics mixed with processed organic instruments like acoustic guitar. 2012 liner notes from the Gordon brothers shines a fresh light on this still essential space music masterpiece. Carrying on their original mission from the 1980’s the brothers Gordon also have several other titles newly released in 2012 on their Light Of Mind label—two metaphysical musical therapy / creative visualization collaborations with Dr. Arlene Alexander—entitled Inner Journeys To Tranquility and Astral Meditations: Out Of Body Explorations. www.SequoiaRecords.com / www.TheGordonBrothers.net


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