Straight To The Krankenhaus
(Laser's Edge)


The amazing musical inroads made at the dawn of the ‘70s in the U.K. by bands such as Yes, Hatfield & The North and Gong soon traveled to the continent and by 1973 there were all sorts of great international instrumental jazz fusion bands from every European country. One of the best late ‘70s fusion bands from all of Europe was Secret Oyster. Hailing from Denmark, the band had a guiding light in horn man Karsten Vogel and a gifted lead guitarist with Claus Bohling. In 2007, Laser’s Edge did a fine job with a CD of the band's self-titled debut from 1973 and a top sounding CD reissue of the band’s finest moment, Straight To The Krankenhaus. Bonus cuts and new liner notes from Vogel make these essential Eurock CD remasters.


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