Ten Til Midnight
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Fans of the great blues-rock guitar gods—from Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore to American legends like Buddy Guy and Johnny Winter—will find much to like about Ten Til Midnight, the 2009 CD from up and coming blues rocker Sean Chambers. A fondness for the bluesy side of Jimi Hendrix led Chambers to his passion for the blues, which in turn led him back to the greats like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and the Kings—Albert, Freddie and B.B. King. Having released his debut Strong Temptation in 1998, which he followed up with Humble Spirits in 2005, Chambers blows the roof off again with his 2009 CD Ten Til Midnight. Produced by Chambers and Tim Blair—and recorded in Zephyrhills, Florida—the ten track CD features the core band of Chambers, longtime bassist Tim Blair along with drummer Paul Broderick, both of whom played with Chambers as members of Hubert Sumlin’s touring band. Balancing out the Chambers originals are three covers including “Brown Sugar,” written by Billy Gibbons, “All The King’s Horses,” by Luther Allison and “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” originally written by Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones. With minimal overdubs, Ten Til Midnight is so expertly recorded that you’ll feel you’re right there watching Chambers and company burning up the stage at an after hours blues club.


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Musical Background

I've been playing now for well over 20 years. I grew up as a young boy listening to a lot of the popular rock bands of the time, now considered "Classic Rock" I guess. When I was around 13 years old I discovered Jimi Hendrix. The song was “Red House” and I knew at that moment this is the music I want to play! I could feel it like no other music I had ever heard. I listened to a lot of Hendrix for a few years as a kid learning to play. Then in my mid teens I started discovering a lot of the Texas blues guys like Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, SRV, Freddie King. The list goes on. After delving into their library of music, I soon began to discover a lot of their influences like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, B.B. King, Lightning Hopkins, Elmore James etc... I started my first band when I was in my early twenties and played around the state of Florida for several years. Then, when I was 28 years old, I got the gig as Hubert Sumlin's guitar player/musical director. Hubert took my band and I all over the world. I learned so much during my four and a half years playing with Hubert. Since then, I've released three albums on my own, the latest being Ten Til Midnight.

New CD

The new CD is called Ten Til Midnight. We recorded it at Two Dog Studios in Zephryhills, FL. Appearing on the CD is Tim Blair on the bass guitar, Paul Broderick on Drums, Gary Keith plays some mean harmonica on two tracks, Ben Crider on Hammond B3 for six of the songs, Clarence Stevens and Robin Bouie appear on two tracks singing some great backup harmonies and finally Jack Henriquez, one of the best piano players I know appears track four. On this album, we wanted to capture as much of a live feel and energy as we could without actually doing a live CD. We made a point to not over produce it in an attempt to allow the listener to experience our music as we sound live. The majority of it was recorded live in the studio, with the exception of some vocal and guitar overdubs. We also added Gary’s harmonica part after we finished "Blues & Rock ‘n’ Roll” (track two) and dubbed the piano part in track four, "You're Gonna Miss Me." I am really happy with the final product. I believe it captures us in the raw, which is the way I like a lot of my music. I feel like a lot of my musical influences come through on different tracks on this album.

Favorite Guitars

Guitars are as follows:
Fender Strat - (Early 90’s Mexican Strat) Maple Neck
Pickups - Lindy Fralin SP43’s

Fender Strat - with custom maple neck made by Jim Hamilton
Pickups: Dimarzio Blue Velvets

Fender Strat 62 Reissue (Japanese Strat) - Rosewood Neck
Pickups: (neck and middle) stock, (Bridge) Dimarzio Hot Rail

Gretsch Electromatic - Mid 80’s model (used for slide )
Pickups: P90’s

Dean - National Steel/Resonator guitar

On Ten Til Midnight I used my blonde Strat (Mexican Strat) and my black Strat (Fender body with custom neck by Jim Hamilton) for the entire album, with the exception of tracks four and eight which are slide songs that I played with my Gretsch. That one is set up for slide. And, last but not least, the last track of the album "I Don't Know Why" was recorded with my National steel resonator guitar. For amps on this album, I used a Fender Bassman Head (1968) running through a Fender Twin. Also used a Crate V50 5212 amp with a 2x12 extension cabinet. Live I have been using that same amp with a 15 inch extension cabinet. For the album as well as live I use a TS9 tube screamer, a little chorus sometimes, and wah pedal for certain things. I use GHS strings on all my guitars. Gauge is 11-53 with exception of the Gretsch which I use 12-58 gauge for slide.

Musical Influences

Influences range from BB King, Buddy Guy, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Lightning Hopkins, Bukka White, Albert Collins, Freddie King, Albert King, Lonnie Mack to Hendrix, Trower, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, SRV, Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, and so forth. Some of my favorite albums are Showdown (Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Clyde Copeland), Getting Ready and Texas Cannonball (Freddie King), Axis Bold As Love & Live At Monterey (Jimi Hendrix), Cold Snap (Albert Collins), The London Sessions & His Best (Howlin Wolf), Chess 50th Anniversary Collection (Muddy Waters) Live At The Regal (BB King), Sweet Tea (Buddy Guy) and a ton more!

Upcoming Plans

We plan on doing another cd some time next year. I hope to start recording some ideas around the beginning of 2010. We are beginning to plan some tours around the North East and Midwest around April-August next year.

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