The Disappearing Act 1987-1998


1988 was a great year for American pop music. Amazing female pop-rock singers were all the rage and my own personal favorites then included classy acts such as Marti Jones, Anna Domino, Natalie Archangel and Sam Phillips. A timely look back at one of the most stunning and gifted pop singer-songwriters and guitarists currently walking and working on Earth, the early works of Sam Phillips are recalled on a 23 track 2008 CD compilation from Australia’s top reissue label, Raven Records. Entitled The Disappearing Act 1987-1998, Raven’s single CD 23 track Sam Phillips’ set merges tracks culled from five different Virgin Records Phillips’ releases and charts her rise from Christian pop singer to paisley pop chanteuse. Working throughout her career with producer T Bone Burnett, Ms. Phillips combines her rare vocal sound with extraordinary pop song writing smarts. On The Disappearing Act, the results combine for an opportune look back at various highlights from Phillips’ first decade on disc. Informative liner notes by John Dowler takes listeners from Sam’s early sides all way through to her current whereabouts in 2008.


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