The Soul Of Rock And Roll
(Monument / Orbison Records / Legacy)


Although he might have been overlooked early on by the ‘60s Beatles generation, the late, great rock and roll pioneer Roy Orbison made up for lost time in the ‘80s when he joined forces with George Harrison and Jeff Lynne in the Traveling Wilburys. Orbison’s unparalleled legacy as a ‘50s rocker, straight through till his ground breaking work with Lynne and Harrison is put into context on what some are calling the definitive Roy Orbison retrospective. Featuring 107 songs—including 12 previously unreleased cuts—spread over four CDs, spanning 1956 to 1988, The Soul Of Rock And Roll comes with an extensive 96 page booklet packed with data and rare pictures, including classic pics of Roy with The Beatles. Dozens of laudatory quotes from his fellow musicians—from Chuck Berry to Eric Clapton—makes it clear that Orbison wasn’t only a fan favorite, but he was a musician’s hero. Also included is “It’s Over,” taken from Roy’s last performance ever on December 4th, 1988, two short days before his life would be over. As disc four on The Soul Of Rock And Roll points out, although Orbison was a pillar of ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll, his ‘80s work with Harrison and Lynne remains some of the greatest rock and pop music ever made. Roy’s wife Barbara Orbison and his son Roy Kelton Orbison Jr.—along with music archivist Gregg Geller—all deserve credit for making The Soul Of Rock And Roll such an impressive dedication to the spirit of Roy Orbison.


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