Crest Of A Wave
(Eagle Rock Records)


Eagle Rock have a number of DVD titles in their prestitgious catalog from blues rock guitar icon Rory Gallagher and they make CD fans happy in 2009 with a new double CD best of from Rory. An exhilarating set of hard hitting blues rock classics, Crest Of A Wave - The Best Of Rory Gallager compiles 24 Gallagher tracks drawn from a number of his ‘70s solo classics like Blueprint, Tattoo and Against The Grain. Looking back on his amazing history, Rory’s first solo album—the 1971 Rory Gallagher first came outjust like the two Taste studio albums, on Atco Records here in the U.S. When Rory first rose to prominence in 1969, alternating with Free as the support act for Blind Faith on their one and only tour, it was with his first band, Taste. Funny enough, no one could tell at that point if Rory was going to be pure blues or a new hybrid kind of blues based pop group like Cream or even Blind Faith. To his credit, on each of his solo albums, Rory would go on to fuse a wealth of music from rock to blues, pop and even folk. Following those first two classic studio albums with Taste, Rory began his solo career, lasting until his untimely passing away in the mid ‘90s. Crest Of A Wave offers a fine introduction to a guitar legend who was immensely influential back during the heyday of the early ‘70s. Eagle plans to reissue a number Gallagher solo albums in the in near future, no doubt furthering the legacy of this immensely influential and still sorely missed blues rock guitarist and composer. Crest Of A Wave features 2009 liner notes by Billboard magazine editor Ed Christman as well as Rory’s nephew Daniel Gallagher.


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