Stones In Exile
(Eagle Vision)


After the death of Brian Jones, The Rolling Stones revamped their blues rock edge with the addition of guitarist Mick Taylor, whose guitar sound was all over the 1972 double Lp release of Exile On Main Street. Eagle’s 90 minute DVD rockumentary, entitled Stones In Exile offers a fascinating expose regarding this legendary rock album. In essence, the DVD gives the album a second life, bringing it back from the archives with rare, vintage video footage and new interviews with all the Stones, including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor and also Ronnie Wood. Other key members of the Stones’ entourage in France for the making of the original Exile double album—including Bobby Keys, engineer Andy Johns and others—offer a fresh perspective with some very vivid memories and perfect segues from the band first recording as tax exiles in the South of France, to polishing the album off in L.A. where they watched the project hit the music world, fresh off the presses. Enhancing the Stones In Exile documentary footage are new, extended interviews with all concerned. Even die hard Stones fans from the ‘60sthose who grew up with the Stones as kings in the Top 40 world of AM radiowill have to admit this expertly produced DVD rockumentary shines a fresh light on one of their most overlooked and underrated album releases. With the Stones In Exile released in mid 2010, fans can also look forward to Eagle's planned DVD release of the Stones’ 1972 concert movie, Ladies And Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones.


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