Under Review 1975-1983
(Sexy Intellectual / MVD)


That mid to late 1970s wasn’t too kind to The Rolling Stones. Following the tragic, senseless death of Brian Jones during the early summer of 1969, the Stones rebounded with Sticky Fingers but much of the magic of the 1960’s Stones heyday was gone. Even, so following the Mick Taylor years that ended with It’s Only Rock & Roll in 1975, The Stones rebounded again, this time with guitarist Ron Wood. That period of The Rolling Stones is explored on a 2012 DVD on the MVD distributed Sexy Intellectual label entitled Rolling Stones Under Review - 1975-1983: The Ronnie Wood Years Part 1. England’s Sexy Intellectual label are truly amazing at uncovering music history from the biggest names in rock history, and they leave no Stone unturned on The Ronnie Wood Years. There’s tons of interviews and partial vintage video clips of the late ‘70s / early 1980s Stones’ era on this incredible nearly two hour DVD. There’s also lots of interview segments with rock historians including Robert Christgau and Mark Paytress that also helps to elevate the festivities. Also from Sexy Intellectual in 2012 is David Bowie - The Calm Before The Storm. Subtitled Under Review 1969-1971, the 65 minute DVD takes a look at Bowie’s music before 1972 and Ziggy Stardust and the results provide a fascinating glimpse into Bowie’s muse during what many call his most creative period. Albums discussed include the 1969 release of Man Of Words, Man Of Music (a/k/a Space Oddity), the 1970 album The Man Who Sold The World and 1971’s Hunky Dory. As is par for the course with Sexy Intellectual DVD release, their Bowie video is a fascinating look back at the most creative period in Bowie’s (then) soon to be skyrocketing career. Also during 2012 Sexy Intellectual released a fine documentary on The Beach Boys, and specifically their founder Brian Wilson entitled Songwriter 1969-1982. That least understood period in Brian Wilson’s career is given the Sexy Intellectual treatment on a DVD that clocks in at 134 minutes. Filled with historical musical performances, archival interviews and rare photographs, the DVD is filled out with interviews from Wilson / Beach Boys producers, friends and even managers as well as a variety of bonus DVD features. All in all Songwriter 1969-1982 makes a fitting companion to Sexy Intellectual’s first Wilson documentary 1962-1969. Another label distributed by MVD, Chrome Dreams, a division of Sexy Intellectual, is also based in the U.K. and in 2012 they released Bob Dylan And The Band - Down In The Flood. Subtitled Associations And Collaborations, the nearly two hour DVD takes a looks at Dylan’s work with Robbie Robertson and The Band during the mid to late 1960s, a period when half of Dylan’s fans were angry that he was moving into rock and roll following his rootsy early folk years. The DVD features a wealth of insights into Dylan’s mindset from that heady era including interviews with numerous Dylan associates and Band member Garth Hudson, one of The Band’s now surviving members. MVD Entertainment Group has their own DVD brand and up and out on MVD visual in 2012 are a number of DVD titles including a documentary on American rock legends The Replacements. Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements takes a look at the Replacements’ 12 year career. Produced and directed by Gorman Bechard, the 123 minute DVD is packed with numerous extras including nineteen deleted scenes, lengthy interviews, commentaries and four trailers. With its extensive look at this rock legend, The Village Voice has described this documentary as being ‘The rock version of Rashamon.’ Rock & Soul legends Ike & Tina Turner are recalled on an 81 minute DVD on MVD visual called Ike & Tina: On The Road: 1971-72. Filmed by rock photographer legend Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya, On The Road takes a look at the dynamic duo of Ike & Tina performing live as well as in the studio and rare behind the scenes footage. The DVD is humbly dedicated to the late Ike Turner who passed away in 2007. Also out on the MVD distributed XXL Media, The Kinks - Paris 1965 - Broadcast Archives features rock icons The Kinks performing eight early Kinks classics live on French television, including “You Really Got Me”, “All Day And All Of The Night” and much more. Clocking in at 36 minutes, it’s a bit short on time, but Kinks Kompleteists will love it. MVD also distribute the newly enacted Cherry Red Films and in 2012 MVD / Cherry Red Films offers American ears and eyes a 52 minute DVD documentary on Allman Brothers founder Gregg Allman. I’m No Angel - Live On Stage that captures Gregg Allman on stage during a concert in November 1988. The ten track live DVD concert video features Allman and company performing a number of Allman Brothers classics including “One Way Out”, “Statesboro’ Blues” and much more. MVD is also doing a spectacular job making a number of DVD and CD titles available from the MIG DVD label from Germany, who are releasing a number of titles from the famous German music TV show called “Rockpalast”. New from MIG / MVD in 2012 is a double DVD set from American rock greats Kid Creole & The Coconuts entitled Live At Rockpalast 1982. With nearly four hours of video footage spread over 2 DVDs, Kid Creole’s Live At Rockpalast features Kid Creole himself, August Darnell and company (including a ten piece band) at the height of their early 1980s powers. This double DVD is also represented on a double CD set. With the German’s never ending fascination for documenting the world’s vast music history, I’m sure there will be much more from MIG’s Rockpalast series. Last but not least from MVD is The Edgar Broughton Band - Live In Hamburg. Popular on the classic U.K. progressive rock label, Harvest Records, Edgar Broughton Band combined progressive rock and blues rock and in a way they made them kind of the precursor for jam band groups. Subtitled The Fabrik Concert 1973 and released on the Sireena Records label and distributed by MVD audio, the 76 minute CD features excellent packaging and detailed booklet featuring July 2012 liner notes by Edgar’s brother Steve Broughton. Vinyl freaks may also want to check out a number of vinyl LP reissues on Sireena / MVD from prog-rock legends YES including a 180 gram double album version of 1997’s YES classic Open Your Eyes. One of the truly great YES albums, Open Your Eyes finally makes it to vinyl with Sireena’s 2012 reissue. YES fans who collect vinyl will want to keep their eyes open for Magnification—Sireena’s vinyl version of the last album (so far) with YES featuring lead singer Jon Anderson. /


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