Catnip Dynamite


L.A. is ground zero for power pop and who better to exemplify that spirit than keyboard / multi-instrumental wunderkind Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Released in 2009 on the classic pop label, Oglio Records, the 14 cut Catnip Dynamite combines classic Manning influences from his solo sound and his years in Jellyfish too. In the finest Jellyfish spirit, Catnip is one toe-tapping power pop classic after the next. Despite knowing the best players on the L.A. scene—as well as having backed icons from Johnny Cash to Morrisseyfor the most part Manning does it all on his 2009 CD. Manning is obviously sentimental for 1974, when groups like Sweet and Sparks ruled the L.A. FM radio airwaves. Looking on that retro-tinged sentiment, there’s plenty of great power pop filled with mighty hooks and crunching keyboard / guitar sounds to make any pop fan happy. Those happy days of mid ‘70s L.A. pop are alive and well on Catnip Dynamite. Oglio’s 2009 CD of Catnip Dynamite also features three live bonus cuts featuring Manning and band, including a CD closing Manning cover of the classic rocker “Love Lies Bleeding,” originally released by Elton John, you guessed it, in late 1973! Hats off to long time L.A. pop advocate and Oglio label guru Carl Caprioglio for keeping the glorious spirit of L.A. pop alive and well!


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