Memories Of The Never Happened
(Anova / Cooking Vinyl)


If there ever was to be a music olympics, then Israeli rockers Rockfour would win medals. Not (quite) yet Israel’s answer to The Beatles, Rockfour come close on their 2007 CD Memories Of The Never Happened. Combining progressive rock smarts with the vocal harmonies inspired by Pink Floyd, Beach Boys and the Byrds, Rockfour features the guitars and vocals of Baruch Ben-Yitzhak (guitars) and Marc Lazare (bass) with drummer Issar Tennenbaum and new addition Jacob Gani (keyboards). With Gani’s obvious fondness for King Crimson style prog and some keen arrangements and guitar textures, Rockfour mine gold with the CD’s killer single entitled “Goes Around”. One of the best pop imports of 2007 to be released Stateside, Memories Of The Never Happened is a most worthy follow-up to Rockfour’s ‘05 classic, Nationwide.


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