Soul On Ten
(Concord Records)


With his soulful, bluesy guitar playing that skillfully combines a wide variety of rock influences, Robben Ford has proven himself time and again. His wide fan base will simply flip for his 2009 CD Soul On Ten. Regarding his latest CD—a live in San Francisco set released by Concord Records, Ford says, ‘What music is really about is what happens when it’s played in front of people. That’s when you really understand it. That’s what I wanted to capture.’ ‘Nuf said! Soul On Ten simply smokes it’s way to the finish line. Featuring a number of Ford originals—including his B.B. King tribute, an instrumental called “Indianola”—Soul On Ten features Ford blazing away on electric guitar and lead vocals while backed up by Neal Evans (B-3 organ), Larry Carlton’s son Travis Carlton (bass) and Toss Panos (drums). Balancing out the Ford originals are his fresh covers of Willie Dixon (“Spoonful”) and Elmore James (“Please Set A Date”), along with tracks from Ford’s earlier releases, including his Blue Thumb Records CD Supernatural (1999), and a live version of his B.B. King tribute “Indianola,” from Blue Moon (2002.) The CD also features three brand new Robben Ford tracks and two new studio tracks entitled “Don’t Worry About Me” (with it’s sociopolitical bent on society’s ills) and “Thoughtless”, with Ford commenting‘ It’s a lonely road being a musician. But this is what I do. I have to do it.’ Regarding another new track here, “Earthquake,” Ford describes the song as “a black comedy about the difficulties in maintaining relationships with the demands of a touring musician forced to be be away from home much of the time.’ Ford's on the road blues translate well on a CD that hurts so good but keeps you coming back for more.


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