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One of Angel Air’s most impressive, progressive sounding pop/rock albums of the past year, Dust by singer-songwriter and guitarist Rob Thompson is time well spent for music fans. Thompson is best known, so far, as a member of the group The Storys, a band who also have a new 2010 album out on Angel Air entitled Luck. The songs on the nine track Dust CD are each memorable in their own right, yet perhaps the biggest surprise here is Thompson’s outstanding, and often quite electrifying guitar work, which echoes some of the more melodic and succinct work of Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour. Even Thompson’s songs sound very much influenced by mid ‘70s Pink Floyd, minus the trepidation. On another front, Thompson and his band mates in the The Storys recorded a new album called Luck over the past year. Even after making a success of their band, The Storys are planning to take a break following an upcoming planned farewell gig in their native Swansea, Wales on June 19, 2010. The sound of Luck is slightly more low-key and a little more singer-songwriter sounding compared to Thompson’s solo sound. Perhaps its the influence of the four part harmony from West Coast American groups like CSN&Y, and there’s a solid country flavored rock influence in play on Luck. Commenting on the sound of The Storys, one of the group’s lead singers Steve Balsamo adds, 'We've had a great six years together and have memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives. However, we all think the time is right to try something new. We all have our own projects to take forward and we're eager to support each other. We look forward to giving our fans a fantastic final live show.’ There’s plenty of sumptuous harmonies and groovy four part harmonies on the Luck album, and fittingly, the eleven cut CD also features Rob Thompson’s sonic electric guitar skills. The production of both Luck and Thompson’s Dust album was ably handled by Tim Hamill. As usual, Angle Air has done a remarkable job on the excellent sound and CD packaging, making both the Luck and Dust releases each an excellent choice for fans of adventurous U.K. pop and rock.


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Musical Background

I am one of the singer/songwriters and lead guitarist with the band The Storys. We have made three albums and played shows with Elton John, Santana, Van Morrison and a load more amazing people over the last few years.

I started playing guitar at the age of thirteen after I first heard Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album on an old tape that I found in my dad's collection. I also love to play bass when I get a chance and will also try my hand at piano and keyboards but I have a long way to go with them.

New CD

Dust is my first solo album. It was recorded between September last year and April of this year at two studios in South Wales (Sonic-One Studio, Llangenech and Moondog and Bank Studio, Swansea) and one in France (GPFX Studio, Grenoble). It features Andy Collins and Alan Thomas from The Storys on bass and piano, Matthew John plays guitar and harmonica on a couple of tracks, producer Tim Hamill handles drums, and there is also a guest appearance from my stepson Ceri playing piano and acoustic guitar on "Could You Come Around?"

The album showcases my love of simple songs with simple structures and hopefully good lyrics while also containing moments of musical freedom, where the music is given time to develop and build in intensity. The song always comes first with me, but with this album I also wanted to showcase some of the less traditional guitar playing that I have often done live with The Storys.

Favorite Guitars

The main electric guitars that I used recording Dust were my Campbell American Nelsonic Transitone (co-designed by Bill Nelson from Be Bop Deluxe), my customized Fender Squire Strat (with Lace Sensor pickups and locking machine heads) which I have been playing since I left school and my RKS.

The acoustic guitars used were my Guild and my 6 & 12 string Faith acoustic guitars. I like to track up acoustics, often changing guitar and capo position after each stereo take.

Live, I always use my Orange Tiny Terror 15 Watt amp but in the studio I have also been using a Marshall stack for power chord stuff and a Bogner for a lot of the solos and using the delay on the amp, just because it sounds so good!

The wideness of the guitars sound at the end of "The Ending Credits" was done by miking up the amp and then placing another mic on the other side of the room and side on to the sound source, so that it is just recording the reflections from the walls and ceiling.

Pedal wise, I use mainly the Boss ME50, a Morpheus Detuner, a voodoo vibe and a line 6 chorus.

Musical Influences

I have so many musical influences that it is hard to know where to begin. I just like people who do what they believe and do it to the best of their abilities. Off the top of my head, albums that have influenced how I try to make albums or write music would be Tom Petty - Wildflowers, Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, The Finn Brothers - Everyone Is Here, Fleetwood Mac - Tusk or the other hundreds of albums that I keep discovering or going back to.

Guitar heroes would be David Gilmour, Joe Walsh, Adrian Belew, Lindsey Buckingham, Robert Fripp and Steve Howe.

Upcoming Plans

I am currently busy rehearsing for The Storys farewell concerts happening in Swansea this June and then I am back in the studio helping Andy Collins out with his first solo album. After that, I hope to start putting together a new band and do some shows featuring my new material. I am also hoping to release a "Storys" side project Ostermouth-Five songs for Jen EP featuring Balsamo, Collins and myself. It's going to be a busy year.

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