Keep Color
(Chop Shop)


Hailing from the town of Republic in Missouri, The Republic Tigers have released a debut album rife with nostalgic rock imagery. In the spirit of contemporaries like Israel’s Rockfour, the 2008 CD release of Keep Color is an amalgam composite of where pop music has been and where it continues to keep going. The lead off CD’s big hit, “Buildings And Mountains” is one of the best pop tracks of the year, and thankfully the whole album ebbs and flows in the same spirit. Featuring some truly amazing music and lyrics from Kenn Jankowski, Keep Color features three multi-instrumentalist / guitarist /vocalists and a solid rhythm section. Commenting further, guitarist / vocalist Adam McGill states, ‘Everybody in the band is a multi-instrumentalist, so when someone brings a demo to the table it’s usually a close-to-complete song. The stuff that’s missing is where the other members contribute.’ Very much in the adventurous spirit of orchestral McCartney style studio wizardry, Keep Color boasts tight musicianship and excellent vocal arrangements and harmonies worthy of the word Beatles-esque.


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