For Rose
(Reno del Mar Music)


One of the brightest stars of the American desert Southwest music scene is the group known as Reno del Mar. Back in 2010, Reno del Mar released their self-titled, critically acclaimed album and in 2014 they’re back with a new CD entitled For Rose. The Reno del Mar lineup still features the dual guitar sound of Phil Lipman and Mark Wilsey but this time out they’ve added a new sound with the addition of violinist Beth Daunis. The Reno del Mar sound is even fuller thanks to Beth’s violin sound, which brings an element of the symphonic to the mix. Recorded in Tucson, Arizona, For Rose sounds very much rooted in the American desert Southwest sound which mixes a nouveau flamenco instrumental guitar sound with a rustic Americana meets World Music vibe. Being all instrumental, the music on For Rose is very imaginative and the songs just breeze by with the album still sounding fresh after multiple spins. Both Wilsey and Lipman have in depth backgrounds in both guitar-based jazz and rock and, together with the addition of Beth Daunis, they infuse the Reno del Mar sound with a fresh, renewed energy that comes to life in living color on the For Rose album. Fans of nouveau flamenco guitar and even 21st century classical instrumental will receive much enjoyment from Reno del Mar and their excellent For Rose album.


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