In Concert
(Eagle Records)


Even though some fans had given up hope of Eagle Records releasing another CD of new material from Procol Harum—say, a follow up to 2003’s The Well’s On Fire—to their credit, the label has given us the occasional Procol live release. Procol Harum had previously been featured on a number of “major” labels, going back to 1967, including Deram, A&M and Chrysalis. The way I imagined it was those “major” labels telling Procol Harum that there wouldn’t be a follow up studio album seemed like telling Mozart not to give up his day job. The song writing team of Gary Brooker and Keith Reid never quit, and along with musical virtuosos Robin Trower and the late, great B.J. Wilson, history made Procol Harum the masters of 20th century guitar based progressive blues rock. Apparently the Danes, God bless ‘em, have a thing for the classics and Procol Harum does not disappoint with Eagle’s 2009 CD/DVD release of Procol Harum In Concert With The Danish National Concert Orchestra And Choir. As titles go, wow, that’s a mouthful! This latest Procol Harum lineup, including long time Procol guitar ace Geoff Whitehorn, gets it on pretty strong with these Danish classical players. Besides, any live CD or DVD that features new music from Procol Harum as this does—with nearly 15 minutes of fresh Procol music—makes it an essential item. Procol Harum have had several great live albums out over the years but Eagle’s live in Denmark, In Concert recording from August 2006 has got to be the band’s best sounding yet. Available separately, the CD sound is fantastic, although the silver disc only contains ten of the 21 tracks on the DVD, which is on the way. 15 of those 21 are from the Danish '06 show with the DVD also blending in six bonus tracks from a previously unreleased 1974 Danish TV show. Tack to the Danes again! So all in all, make our Mozart happy and find a way to hear Procol Harum In Concert With The Danish National Concert Orchestra And Choir. Don’t miss it.


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