The Song Within
(Autumn Records)


Commenting on recording The Song Within, Phil Keaggy adds, ‘The McPherson is a wonderful instrument, a wonderful recording guitar.’ One of the most prolific guitar instrumentalists of the post-New Age guitar era, Phil Keaggy gives the McPherson acoustic plenty to do on a 16 track CD of acoustic based guitar music that blends a variety of pop instrumental sounds. Over the past year, Keaggy has released a number of recorded music including his excellent mid ‘06 pop effort, Dream Again. For The Song Within, Keaggy returns to his love of sonic, spatial guitar instrumental music. The Song Within is truly Nashville guitar music played by way of London and back. For starters, just check out Keaggy’s masterful Beatles inspired “Noah’s Shuffle,” which sounds like Ringo playing on a Hank Marvin instrumental from the mid ‘70s! Not to mention Phil’s Nashville style Celtic / Gipsy Jazz style that pops up here and there. The best American guitar instrumental CD of 2007, The Song Within is a autumnal masterpiece of instrumental guitar music that will leave you in a state of sonic bliss. Hat’s off to Nashville indy label Autumn for releasing some outstanding Americana style guitar music this past year including CDs from Tom Hemby, Bruce Gaitsch and now Phil Keaggy—music that quite suitably demonstrates the superb sounding McPherson guitar.


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