Fingerpicking Wonder
(Same Wave Music)


The art of solo guitar can be a lonely business so you’d better make friends fast with the music you play! And what better friend for any guitarist to find than the music of pop super hero Stevie Wonder. Bursting on the scene as Little Stevie Wonder in the early ‘60s, Wonder has, over 5 decades, carved out an R&B and soulful pop legacy second to none. In Pete Huttlinger’s masterful hands, Wonder’s catchy Top 40 fare works a charm as solo guitar instrumentals on the 2009 CD release of Fingerpicking Wonder: The Music Of Stevie Wonder. Solo acoustic guitar chord melody arrangements of pop classics is one of Huttlinger’s assets, having released numerous CD's of instrumental guitar music as well as a series of guitar instruction books and accompanying DVD's that makes learning guitar easy and fun. As Huttlinger points out in the CD liner notes, ‘Recording an entire project of Stevie Wonder’s music can be intimidating to say the least.’ Taking it one song at time, Huttlinger also says of the entire experience, ‘There was definitely some work involved but it was fun the whole time.’ A master acoustic guitarist, Huttlinger reworks Wonder’s pop fare on his gorgeous sounding Collings guitars in a variety of tunings. Huttlinger doesn’t miss a beat and, keeping those golden Wonder melodies right on the tips of his fingers, he makes Fingerpicking Wonder a breeze to kick back and enjoy.


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