'S Wonderful
(Perry Beekman Music)


Singer-songwriter and guitarist Perry Beekman is one of those rare breed of music makers who are “making old school new cool”. Beekman’s forte, so to speak, is to take the music of timeless songwriters and revive it with new guitar-centric arrangements. Earlier albums from Beekman include his self-styled tributes to songwriters Rogers & Hart, on Bewitched and Cole Porter on So In Love. On ‘S Wonderful, Beekman tackles the music of George Gershwin. Among the classics revived by Beekman and company here include “I Got Rhythm”, “Someone To Watch Over Me” and the title track. Beekman’s calling card is his expert jazz guitar work and the CD does include several instrumental tracks and overall, the fare strikes a good balance between Beekman’s vocals and his skillful guitar work. Beekman’s arrangements are another highlight as is the interplay between him and his trio band mates, Peter Tomlinson (piano) and Lou Pappas (bass). The music of George Gershwin has never sounded as contemporary and timeless as it does on Perry Beekman’s ‘S Wonderful.


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