Tell Me Something
(Melodic Revolution)


An artist rising in the 21st century progressive rock and pop world, singer-songwriter / keyboardist Paul D’Adamo will make music fans happy with his CD entitled Tell Me Something. Expertly espousing a smooth progressive pop ethos ala post-Genesis Phil Collins, there’s some solid musicianship on Paul's ten track CD. D’Adamo was very influenced by Phil Collins era Genesis and true to form, Paul covers several tracks here written by Phil Collins and Steve Hackett—two of the prime movers of the classic Genesis sound. Adding to the professional sounding recording are contributions by top musicians including Brad Cole (keyboards), Leland Sklar (bass), Daryl Stuermer (guitars) and Chester Thompson (drums). With the CD featuring a number of musicians who have worked with Phil Collins and Genesis in the past, Paul adds, ‘Phil’s music was very autobiographical for me. It seemed that his melodies and lyrics provided a day to day soundtrack for my life.’ The sound of D’Adamo’s CD is quite lush in places and with such a finely tuned band and top notch studio sound to work with, there’s hardly a note out of place here. With a mix of Phil Collins and Genesis covers, along with several well placed D’Adamo originals, Tell Me Something is time well spent for progressive rock and pop fans. /


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