In a recording adventure of epic proportions, guitar hero Pat Metheny brings the technology of the early 20th century into the future with the release of his 2010 CD Orchestrion. As he speaks about in the lengthy CD liner notes, Metheny grew up in awe of his grandfather’s player piano. That early 20th century music technology actually precipitated the introduction of the orchestrion, an instrument that built upon the premise of the player piano but also implemented a range of orchestral instruments including percussion and mallet instruments. Reintroducing the concept of the orchestrion in the millennium, Metheny’s Orchestrion CD is truly a marvel of modern technology. Working with a team of inventors to develop a new orchestrion, Metheny’s muse sounds rejuvenated on this amazing studio album. Although his patented instrumental guitar sound is still front and center, through the use of this new orchestrion, Metheny also performs all 'orchestrionics', as such controlling the sounds of pianos, basses, percussion, drums and other custom-fabricated acoustic mechanical instruments and keyboards that accompany his guitar sounds. Simply put, it must be heard to be believed. Fans of Metheny’s famous instrumental guitar based jazz fusion sound will marvel at the full range of harmonious musical sounds that fall perfectly into place on Orchestrion.


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