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After ten years of my serving as music reviews editor at 20th Century Guitar, a crippling economy in 2008 broke the magazine’s back and the TCG founder Lawrence Acunto, after 17 years of publishing a 100+ page magazine every month, folded up and closed the magazine at the end of December 2008. Unknown to me, also at the end of 2008, the writer who did my job at the magazine for the seven years before I showed up in 1998, guitarist Mark Lotito released a 2008 instrumental guitar album of his own, entitled Novemberin'. Recorded in Garden City New York with a number of fine players, Novemberin' spotlights guitar legends Shuggie Otis and Jimmy Vivino. Shuggie—who released several solo album classics of his own back in the ‘70s—and Vivino of the Fab Faux and Conan O’Brian’s house band, join forces with producer / guitarist Lotito on an impressive album of subdued late night guitar sessions. Joined by several co-writers and players such as Felix Cabrera and Andy Falco, Lotito, Shuggie and Vivino are in good company throughout on this superior CD of fretboard friendly hi-jinks.


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