Chrome Dreams II
(Reprise / Vapor)


Much more than what meets the ear, Chrome Dreams II combines eight new tracks from Neil Young plus a reworking of two unreleased classics. The centerpiece of the 2007 CD is a re-make of a track called “Ordinary People,” a sprawling, lyrically captivating track Young wrote in 1976 for a planned but shelved Chrome Dreams album. Re-recorded anew here, the song is Young at his finest and brought to fruition with a memorable, mantra like chorus. Throughout Chrome Dreams II, Young’s electric guitar work is stunning. Like history repeating itself again, Young charts a new route following the antiwar releases of Living With War/Raw featured on the 2006 Freedom of Speech tour with CSNY. Commenting on Chrome Dreams II he adds, ‘Where Living With War and Everybody’s Rockin’ were albums focused on one subject or style, Chrome Dreams II is more like After The Goldrush or Freedom." Joined by long time Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina and pedal steel ace Ben Keith, CDII is a balance between the raw energy of Living With War with traces of the Americana spirit of Young’s 2005 masterpiece Prairie Wind. Commenting on the 18 minute “Ordinary People,” the song originally planned for the first 1976 release of Chrome Dreams, Young comments, ‘Some songs like “Ordinary People” need to wait for the right time. I think now is the right time for that song and it lives well with the new songs I have written in the past few months. I had a blast making this music.”


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