I've Loved These Days
(Concord Records)


The daughter of America’s greatest film music composer, Henry Mancini, vocalist Monica Mancini backs up her own legacy with a stellar new album out in 2010. Released on CD by Concord Records, I’ve Loved These Days finds Ms. Mancini breezing her way through some of the greatest ‘60s pop standards including music from the pens of Jackson Browne (“These Days”), Brian Wilson (“God Only Knows”), Paul McCartney (“I’ll Follow The Sun”), Harry Nilsson (“Without Her” - called “Without Him” here) along with other classics written by Paul Simon, Felix Caviliere and more. Another cool thing here is that Jackson Browne, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder and Felix Cavaliere each appear dueting with Ms. Mancini on these covers of their tracks. Produced by Phil Ramone, Gregg Field and Jorge Calandrelli, the eleven cut I've Loved These Days features some of the finest session players in L.A. including guitar wiz Dean Parks and co-producer / drummer Gregg Field. Although, in the past, Ms. Mancini covered music written by her dad, Henry Mancini and lyricist Johnny Mercer, on I've Loved These Days the mood lends itself to a kind of pastle-hued late ‘60s / early '70s romantic eclecticism with an accent on some of the finest music from the artists and composers who, themselves were once so captivated by the Henry Mancini aura and legacy. I've Loved These Days is about as far from rock music as you can get; instead, the emphasis here is on song writing excellence with Ms. Mancini artfully demonstrating exactly how timeless songs that transcend generations will live forever.


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