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Back in the ‘80s singer songwriter Marshall Crenshaw struck gold with his album from 1987, Mary Jean & 9 Others, and from then on he assumed his role as an heir to both the vintage pop sound of the Beatles and Buddy Holly. He even played John Lennon in the Broadway Beatlemania, while also playing Buddy Holly in the movie La Bamba. Marshall has kept on writing and recording on a number of different record labels over the years and in 2009 he returned with his debut album on the L.A. based 429 Records label.Featuring a catchy palate of fresh pop tracks, Jaggedland finds Crenshaw harking back to his Warner Brothers years. Helping enable that sound is his backing band consisting of drummer icon Jim Keltner, along with guitarists Greg Leisz and Wayne Kramer—the latter of MC5 fame. Commenting on the stellar backing crew on the CD, Marshall adds, ‘I worked with some of my heroes on this record. We banged it out in three days. The music is really nice and the songs are off the dial—the best ones I’ve done.’ Tracks here like the jazzy rockabilly middle section of “Someone Told Me”, recorded in upstate New York, and the instrumental title track—one of seven tracks recorded in L.A.—will provide a deja vu pop experience for long time fans yet, with it's Woodstock meets L.A. kind of pop vibe, the CD breaks new ground with it's sublime studio sound.


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