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A master of European techno-guitar fusion, Italy’s Marco Iacobini follows up his 2004 Spaces CD with the 2007 release of In My World. A range of talented Italian fusion superstars back up Marco on the 12 track In My World, including powerhouse drummer Cristiano Micalizzi. Recorded in Rome and mastered in L.A. by Bernie Grundman, In My World spotlights Iacobini’s fretboard wizardry. Marco dazzles on on his Carvin guitars and amps, VHT amps and cabs, T-Rex pedals and Soldano Custom amplification. Commenting on the album release, Marco states, 'In My World is an all instrumental CD and is a blend of all my music listens to: rock, fusion and prog. I think that this collection is for music lovers that want to enjoy pure music with shred guitars combined with melodic tunes.' With the sound veering between soaring hard rock instrumental and modern fusion instrumental, there’s plenty of solid grooves on In My World to please instrumental rock fans of all persuasions. presents Guitars Center Stage with

Musical Background

I was born and raised in Rome and I’ve been playing guitar for about 20 years. I love to play rock, but my musical background includes the study of classical music and jazz.

New CD

My new album In My World was recorded in early 2006 at Forward studios in Rome and was mastered at Bernie Grundman mastering studios in Los Angeles. In My World is an all instrumental CD and is a blend of all my music listens to: rock, fusion and prog. I think that this collection is for music lovers that want to enjoy pure music with shred guitars combined with melodic tunes. Here my influences are so clear: Steve Lukather, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Larry Carlton, Eddy Van Halen. In My World spotlights the brilliance of drummer Cristiano Micalizzi and bassist Marco Siniscalco, who lay down an incredibly thick rhythmic foundation for my guitar acrobatics. Also featured is keyboardist Stefano Sastro, a great musician with a unique phrasing style described as a cross between Alan Pasqua and Herbie Hancock. Guests include Mario Guarini on bass and Juan Carlos Albelo Zamora on violin and viola.

Favorite Guitars

My favorite electric guitar is my new Carvin bolt-on plus custom guitar, the body is of swamp ash with quilted maple top AAAA attached to a hard rock maple neck and bird’s eye fretboard, electronics by Carvin H-S-H. Floyd rose and locking nut. For In My World I use my old Carvin DC 135 and my old Carvin DC 127. These guitars are neck through body hand crafted in San Diego with alder body for the DC 127 and swamp ash body for the DC 135 . The neck is the same for both guitars, one piece of hard rock maple with bird’s eye maple fretboard for the DC 127 and ebony fretboard for the DC 135. I use for some parts and guitar fills my Vigier Excalibur, a very great guitar but these seem to be the ones that I use the most. My favorite acoustic guitar is Collings D-41 with L. R. Baggs Para D.I. Soldano Super Lead Overdrive 100w rack mount and Carvin Vintage series 50. I have had these heads for 15 years. I used it for everything on my new album with my VHT Deliverance 120 amp head and VHT cabs with eminence speakers. Krank Krankenstein signature model amp head, Carvin speaker cabinets with Celestion vintage 30, Marshall 6100 anniversary amp head and Marshall cabs with Rola celestion G 12- 65 speakers. I used a distortion box with this one. My favorites pedals are T-Rex. I love the products of T- Rex engineering. The Dr. Swamp is the best overdrive / distortion that I have played. The T- Rex Replica is my favorite delay pedal. On my new album I use the T.C. Electronics 2290, Eventide H 3000 SE and Roland SDE 3000, but the Replica is better than all. Visual Sound H2O like Chorus, this is a good sounding unit and is very quiet. I have T-Rex Fuel Tank classic, T-Rex Tonetrunk hardcase, T-Rex Comp-Nova, T-Rex Mudhoney, Boss DD3, Visual Sound Route 66, Visual Sound Visual Volume, Cry Baby wah wah pedal, MXR Phase 90, Ibanez tubescreamer TS9–808 etc. Only D'addario strings: 09 - 042.

Musical Influences

My favorite guitarist is Steve Lukather because his music is great. Steve's goal was to make a guitar record that would be enjoyed by all and one with real music on it. I also love Jeff Beck, Eddy Van Halen, Larry Carlton, Steve Stevens, Y. Malmsteen. My favorite albums are: Jimi Hendrix: Axis Bold As Love - Van Halen: Fair Warning, 1984 - Steve Lukather: Candyman and the TOTO discography.

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