EE Ticket
(Noble Rot)


Collector’s Choice Music remains one of the last safe havens for CD collectors seeking out historic and important silverdisc reissues. In a world leaning towards downsizing and with a looming final solution looking to virtually eliminate the compact disc, Collector’s Choice makes hearing music seem like a virtual history lesson. Case in point are four early 2009 reissues on the company’s Noble Rot offshoot. First off are two reissues from L.A. rock guitar great Marc Bonilla including EE Ticket—originally released on Reprise in 1991—and the Reprise follow up American Matador, from 1993. Mostly instrumental high energy fusion with several vocal cuts, both CDs established Bonilla as a modern day guitar hero. Guesting with Bonilla here are rock legends Keith Emerson, singer Glenn Hughes, Mike Keneally and Ronnie Montrose. Comparing the two albums, Bonilla describes the all instrumental EE Ticket as ‘A textbook debut album’ and American Matador, with several vocals as ‘More of a personal endeavor. I had taken a deep breath and had matured a bit. I think that’s reflected in the music.’ Bonilla was also involved with the early ‘90s pop band Toy Matinee, and Noble Rot has done a fine job reissuing that band’s self-titled 1990 album, complete with four bonus tracks. Formed by future producer / keyboardist and composer Patrick Leonard and multi-instrumentalist, the late, great Kevin Gilbert, Toy Matinee was a short lived, yet highly influential phenomenon. For touring purposes, Gilbert recorded with guitarist Bonilla and in turn Gilbert produced Bonilla’s EE Ticket. Following the original band’s breakup, Toy Matinee recorded Meanwhile but had morphed into 3rd Matinee, featuring Leonard, singer-songwriter Richard Page, guitarist Bonilla and others. Anyone who enjoyed that classic, first Toy Matinee album is well advised to pick up the classic Meanwhile. The CD features a splendid mix of progressive pop and rock songs, and like each of these 2009 Noble Rot reissues, the album is further enhanced by top liner notes and cool digi-pak artwork.


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