Yours As Fast As Mine


With their swirling prog-pop arrangements, The Main Drag bring a post modern edge to the genres of music first explored by the likes of Split Enz and The Buggles circa 1978. On the Boston-based five piece band’s 2008 CD, Yours As Fast As Mine, singer-songwriter and guitarist-producer Adam Arrigo joins forces with Matt Boch (guitars, keys), Jon Carter (guitars), the tight rhythm section of Dan Cardinal (bass) and John Drake (drums) plus strings and arrangements from Matt Levitt for eleven well crafted tracks of eclectic pop electronica. The blend of vocals from Arrigo and Boch has a strangely appealing effect and the group’s studio sound provides some interesting musical scenery. The songs on Yours As Fast As Mine rock and the arrangements speak of bigger and better things to come from The Main Drag.


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