Guitar maestro Lawson Rollins reaches a new musical zenith on his 2015 CD release Traveler. Commenting on his 5th solo album, Lawson explains, “Traveler is a musical travelogue for me, chronicling some of my journeys in life and evoking some of the places I’ve lived, visited and returned to in my memory. On this journey, my guitar serves as a kind of filter through which my impressions of the world are processed and expressed in the language of music.” Lawson always surrounds himself with expert musicians on his albums and members of his Traveler recording crew include violinists Charlie Bisharat and Mads Tolling, Randy Tico (bass), Dave Bryant (drums, percussion), Matt Tudor (slide guitar, dobro) and Cameron Stone (cello), along with members of the swing jazz band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Also on board is album co-producer Dominic Camardella on keyboards and associate producer Stephen Duros (drums, programming, keyboards). As he's proven on his previous releases, Full Circle (2013), Elevation (2011), Espirito (2010) and Infinita (2008), Lawson’s albums are always multicolored sonic excursions that center around his rhythmic and fluid fretboard work, which just seems to sound better album to album. Fans of state-of-the-art guitar music describe Lawson’s original music as both guitar fusion and symphonic flamenco jazz while there’s also a wide range of World Beat groove sounds that keeps the music inclusive. With highlights including the spirited sounding title track, the Euro-tinge of the Bach inspired “Berlin Bossa” and the epic three part suite, “The Urban Trilogy”, including the album finale “City Electric”, Lawson Rollins’ Traveler is 21st century universal guitar instrumental music at its best.


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