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Record label home of the NY/NJ based progressive rock band IZZ, Doone Records released the 2018 solo album from IZZ vocalist Laura Meade. The ten track Remedium is very IZZ inspired and follows the progressive rock sound on the recent IZZ albums as well as the sound of IZZ guitarist Paul Bremner’s album The Witness. Laura is a fan of art-rock and prog-rock and the Remedium album shows that style to a tee. Laura’s unwavering rock vocal style borders on operatic at times and as the album shows, she’s clearly up for the task at hand on Remedium. Speaking about her songwriting style on her new CD, Laura tells, “Each song unfolds in its own way and I just follow where it leads… sometimes a lyric will present itself, other times I’ll begin with a melody and go from there. Ninety nine percent of my songs are written on the piano, with one exception being “Home Movies”, which I wrote on the ukulele.” Among the musicians taking part in Laura’s band are IZZ founder John Galgano (bass, keys, drums) and Randy McStine (electric guitar). John Galgano also co-wrote many of the tracks here, and the album is further enhanced by guest spots from IZZ guitarist Paul Bremner, Greg Meade (guitar), Greg Mimiceli (drums) and Jason Hart (strings). A modern day prog-rock classic, Remedium CD is superbly packaged in a digipak case with complete lyric sheet. / / presents an interview with

: Can you tell us where you’re from originally and where you live now and what you like best about it?

Laura Meade: I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and after moving around the NYC area, John and I have finally settled on Long Island’s beautiful North Fork, which is the eastern most part of the island. We live near the water, which is something I not only love but my body and soul crave it. Being able to wake up and see the water every day is something that is really important to me.

mwe3: What were some of the key events that led up to the release of Remedium and how would you compare the album with your work in the band Izz?

Laura Meade: Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The events that followed completely shook my world and the music that came out of that experience shaped what Remedium became. The album, from conception to release, was truly an act of healing for me. Working with IZZ as a singer has always challenged me vocally, and continues to as we record a new IZZ album and has expanded my musical palette in profound ways.

mwe3: You wrote most of the music on Remedium. What’s your songwriting process like and do you write all your songs on piano? Do you get a lyric idea first or is melody something you usually come with first?

Laura Meade: This question always gives me pause. I don’t necessarily pay attention to the process while it’s happening… Each song unfolds in its own way and I just follow where it leads… sometimes a lyric will present itself, other times I’ll begin with a melody and go from there. Ninety nine percent of my songs are written on the piano, with one exception being “Home Movies”, which I wrote on the ukulele.

mwe3: What was the inspiration behind “Sunflowers At Chernobyl”? Is that about the nuclear nightmare in Ukraine? The song is kind of suite of different parts that work great together. Why did you choose that track for the first single or video? Your piano sounds great with the two guitars sound. Is that the masterpiece of Remedium?

Laura Meade: The inspiration came from my time as a horticultural student some years ago. We were being taught about the concept of phytoremediation: “Phyto” = plant; “Remedium” = restoring balance. This refers to the technologies that use living plants to render toxic environmental contaminants, harmless - a technology that was used after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. I chose this track as the first single and video from the album because I feel that this song is representative of the entire album in many ways. I also feel that it’s a really strong track that highlights the collaboration between my songwriting and John’s arranging. It also includes a killer guitar solo from Randy McStine. Is it the masterpiece of Remedium? I think I’ll leave that to the listeners!

mwe3: How about “Conquer The World”. Sounds like a simple song but there’s some great parts to it. Is it an optimistic song? Are you an optimistic person by nature? The Ukulele sounds great on the track, I can’t say enough good things about John Galgano!

Laura Meade: I think what I really like about this song is that it does start out rather simply but grows in directions the listener might not expect. I think at its core, it is an optimistic song, but much like my own optimism, it waxes and wanes and those feeling are reflected in the song. I agree with you… I can’t say enough good things about John Galgano either!

mwe3: Is “What I See From Here” autobiographical? I think you have a gift to wonderfully express what many of us can’t. Great guitar interplay between Greg Meade and John… Is Greg related?

Laura Meade: Thank you for the compliment! Yes, it is autobiographical insofar as all my songs are somewhat biographical. I can’t help but write about what is closest to my heart. Greg is my uncle and godfather and a wonderful guitarist! I’m fortunate to be related to such talent throughout my family tree.

mwe3: Is “Never Remember” about dreams? What do you make of dreams? Is the song about not being prepared for what’s coming? Paul’s guitar work is excellent too. What is your opinion about dreams?

Laura Meade: That’s probably correct… the song is about not being prepared for what’s coming. I’m really happy with what Paul contributed to this song, especially because the style he’s playing is somewhat different from what we are used to hearing with IZZ. My opinion on dreams could be a whole other interview! I personally dream in fits and starts so the whys and hows of dreaming are very interesting to me.

mwe3: Do you like to write instrumental music too? What brought on “The Old Chapel At Dusk”? What vibe were you trying to express on that instrumental track?

Laura Meade: I adore listening to instrumental music but being a classically trained vocalist, I almost always think in terms of a vocal melody. I don’t necessarily set out to write instrumental music but sometimes a song presents itself as such. “The Old Chapel At Dusk” was the very first piece of music I ever wrote in college as part of a composition course.

mwe3: Is “Dragons” another autobiographical song? Do you sometimes write songs as a form of therapy to face your problems? It’s very symphonic sounding. What else can you tell us about that track?

Laura Meade: For me, all songwriting is a form of therapy, a way to exorcise demons… or dragons. (lol) I think the feelings expressed in the beginning of “Dragons” are pretty universal… at some point in our lives we’ve all woken up with a start, in that cold sweat, our minds racing, unable to shut off the thoughts.

mwe3: “Home Movies” is one of my favorite tracks on Remedium. Why do you call it “Home Movies”? Simple proves elegant on this track right? Could you do a more electric version of “Home Movies”. I hear a symphony in there somewhere!

Laura Meade: There is definitely room to grow in “Home Movies”! A “Home Movies” symphony… that would be interesting!

mwe3: “Your Way” is another deep track. Did you write it about someone specific or is it a general kind of sentiment you feel? Is “Your Way” ethereal or stark in your opinion, the way you want people to hear it?

Laura Meade: The inspiration for “Your Way” came from a multitude of sources. I would say it’s more stark than ethereal in that the production of the track is very precise.

mwe3: “Every Step” is very personal. Who did you write it for? It’s a great showcase for your vocals. I wanted to know if you studied opera as you can so beautifully hold a note for a long time. How did you multitrack the vocals on “Every Step”? Also John’s keyboards are great and dynamic too. Nice counterpoint in that track...

Laura Meade: Thank you! As I mentioned before, I studied classical voice in college and this song allowed me to flex that muscle in its proper context. This song is very close to my heart and while it is personal, it’s not necessarily about one particular person. John’s keyboards are the cherry on top of this piece.

mwe3: Why do you call the final track “Irradiation”? Does the track explain the title and how does “Irradiation” fit into the concept of “Remediation”?

Laura Meade: This song, written by John Galgano, is the perfect summation of this entire album. What I love about songwriting is that there are multiple meanings, countless meanings for any one phrase. And any one person will receive from it what they need or want based on their experience and where they are coming from in life. “Irradiation” fits into the concept of Remediation by bringing it full circle.

mwe3: What other musical plans do you and IZZ have for 2018? Will there be another IZZ album at some point?

Laura Meade: Along with touring my album with John and various other special guests, I will continue writing for my next album. IZZ is in the studio recording their new album… release date TBD!


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