Days To Recall
(Decca Records)


Being handicapped didn't always mean that an artist would not make it. In modern pop history Stevie Wonder, blind since birth, became a huge sensation, starting in the early 1960's. Legendary songwriter Doc Pomus—one of the key architects of the early rock ‘n’ roll sound—spent most of his time in a wheelchair. One of the true song writing geniuses of all time, Doc would have loved Days To Recall—the 2011 CD from Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Hines. Although Hines himself is wheelchair bound, his spirit is clearly undaunted on an album that sounds inspired by the upbeat, multi-faceted music of legends like Elton John and Paul McCartney. Commenting on his physical limitations, Justin states, ‘There have been so many blessings. It’s afforded me so many other opportunities. It’s a bit of an attention grabber. But then my job is to keep people interested and keep their attention with my music.’ Hines is at his best on upbeat tracks here like “Nothing Better Than Today,” “Tell Me I’m Wrong” and “Come Around”, all of which mix solid backing with a memorable hook and melody. Justin gets solid support from his band including co-producer Justin Abedin (guitars), Kevin Adamson (keyboards) and Jorn Juul Andersen (drums). Among a rising, elite group of 21st century singer-songwriters who are expert at combining heartfelt, upbeat pop and rock, Justin Hines is in a class of his own. www.DeccaRecords.com


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