The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter


This ain’t 1970 anymore, once in a while there comes a flashback of the highly evolved musical norm from that golden year. Case in point is the fourth full-length CD from singer-songwriter Josh Ritter. After checking out Ritter classics like “Right Moves” and “Rumors” it’s clear Ritter hits a sweet spot mixing classic early ‘70s rock and a more modern cutting edge folk-rock sound to great effect. The catchy hooks of McCartney, Julian Lennon, Elton John all come to mind in describing Ritter’s eclectic pop palate and he gets help from key players like electric guitarist Zack Hickman. Ritter’s songs, vocals and studio sound, aided by keyboard / guitarist Sam Kassirer, are uniformly excellent as is the driving beat of drummer Liam Hurley.


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