Songs For Heavy Traffic
(Music Road Records)


This is the kind of album people used to buy just because the cover art looks so great. Austin based John Inmon is getting rave reviews in the guitar world for his instrumental classic from 2008. Featuring Inmon backed up in the studio by a top band, Songs For Heavy Traffic straddles the borders between Americana, smooth jazz and instrumental pop. Inmon’s originals fit tastefully between a Pat Metheny and Steve Morse guitar sound, but where Inmon really really shines is on his choice of covers. There aren’t many guitarists who could disagree on covering time proven classics like “Cast Your Fate To The Wind” and “In My Life” and Inmon does both Vince Guaraldi and The Beatles proud with his instrumental versions. Inmon’s cover of “Sukiyaki” tastefully enshrines this melodic jewel. The musical antidote after being pummeled on the freeways of life, Songs For Heavy Traffic is a select late night set of tasty guitar tracks.

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Musical Background

I’ve been playing since 1962. I was 14. My first influences were Chuck Berry, and The Ventures. I’ve always loved all types of music so from the early years on, and I have pretty much absorbed influences form from all forms of music. In 1966 I ended up in Texas. I started playing in bands right away and have been playing as an accompanist with blues, folk and country artists in and out of Texas ever since. I’ve worked live or in the studio (or both) with Jerry Jeff walker, Delbert McClinton, Marsha ball, Townes Van Zandt, Jimmy LaFave, Eliza Gilkyson, Ray Wiley Hubbard, Omar and the Howlers among others.

New CD

It’s called Songs for Heavy Traffic. It’s all instrumental. I recorded all the guitars and some of the bass at my studio, Blue Sugar, and recorded the rest of the bass, drums and keys “live” in the studio and Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, Texas. Over the last few years I’ve been working with both Jimmy LaFave and Eliza Gilkyson and often after gigs they would come back to me as I was loading the gear and say, ”Listen, you need to make a CD. The people who are buying my CD’s after the gigs want one from you.” The CD was made in response to that, so I stayed pretty much in the same bag, style wise, that I’ve been playing with those two on my CD. Not much rock or overtly hard blues influence. It’s pretty mellow.

Favorite Guitars

I don’t really have any favorites. I view each guitar as an individual. I don’t care who makes it. If I pick it up and it says “Hello”, I’ll play it. On the Traffic CD I used my Bourgious acoustic and for electric I used my Paul Reed Smith. I used a Line 6 guitar modeling banjo and sitar for some background color. I recorded all the electric's direct through a Line 6 pod and I usually had a Boss compressor, digital echo and reverb in the signal path. Also, I can’t live without my volume pedal.

Musical Influences

Gosh, that’s always a tough one. I can hear something to like in just about everyone. I’ve already mentioned Chuck Berry. Let’s see, B.B. King, George Benson, Bill Frisell, Chet Atkins, Joe Pass, Hendrix, Clapton, Doc Watson, jeez, there are so many that I love.

Web Site

The Songs for Heavy Traffic CD is available at My site is currently under construction but it’s a good way to contact me. Type in and you’ll find me…


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