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What happens when two guitar masters get together to record a new studio album? The answer can be heard on the latest studio album from guitarist Joe Beck, who recently joined forces with jazz guitar hero John Abercrombie for the 2007 CD release of Coincidence. Released by Whaling City Sound, Coincidence is a low key, intimate sounding duets album that ably demonstrates why both players are renowned by guitar fans as well as the list of luminaries they’ve played with, including giants like Larry Coryell, Ralph Towner and Gabor Szabo. In depth liner notes accurately portray Beck and Abercrombie as two guitarists with strong roots who are also at the vanguard of modern jazz guitar. Filled with a dozen instrumental gems, Coincidence makes a very impressive follow up to Beck’s acclaimed solo outing, Tri07, released by Whaling City Sound in early 2007. Mixing classic standards, blues and originals, Beck and Abercrombie’s Coincidence is a sublime album of soft spoken guitar playing that speaks volumes with each successive spin.


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