Third Stone From The Sun
(BHP Music)


The classic guitar sound of Jimi Hendrix as visualized for 21st century ears. Sounds like a great idea and the idea becomes reality on Third Stone From The Sun, an instrumental rock tribute to the quintessential ‘60s guitar hero, Jimi Hendrix. Released on the BHP label, Third Stone From The Sun is the creation of Brian Tarquin, a guitar innovator and label exec who makes music magic in his upstate New York studio. The song "Third Stone From The Sun" was Jimi’s most notable instrumental and Tarquin’s title track cover starts things off as an electric samba before morphing into a rock fusion instrumental while later in the CD, a raging, uninhibited Tarquin vocal of "Purple Haze" reveals another side of Tarquin’s impressive chops. On his instrumental take on "Manic Depression," James Ryan proposes that Hendrix had a flair for unique melodies especially when paired with raging guitar solos! Doug Doppler puts his rig through the ringer with his scorching, wah-wah soaked cover of “Crosstown Traffic,” complete with guitar voice box reprising the chorus. Dire Straits guitarist Hal Lindes revives one of Jimi’s most beautiful songs, “Angel,” with his instrumental version unveiling unique layers of melodic invention. “Voodoo Child” was one of Jimi’s truly iconic songs and the song’s fabled guitar intro exemplified the union of pop and rock. Chris Mahoney kicks the song into overdrive with an instrumental that takes the song to new heights. A quiet storm, flamenco acoustic instrumental cover of "Voodoo Child" combined with "All Along The Watchtower" by POM is remarkable for adding jazzy guitar improv into to what are two of Jimi’s most structured, iconic rockers. Martin Winch introduces "May This Be Love" with a laid back, steady rhythm track while injecting glistening Hendrix style lead work throughout. Howard Hart remakes "Gypsy Eyes" as an ultra modern jazz-rock track that simply smokes to the finishing line! While Jimi’s famous version of "The Star Spangled Banner" can never be topped, Randy Coven takes off into the wild blue yonder with his raging Hendrix style version of our national anthem. A no nonsense “Fire” gives guitarist Greg Rappaport plenty of room to work out that song’s historic licks and leads. When you think that Jimi Hendrix was heading towards a jazz rock fusion sound before he died, then you’ll realize that Third Stone From The Sun is the sort of album that Jimi himself would dig. /

{Liner notes for the BHP CD release of Third Stone From The Sun were written in November 2008 by editor and 20th Century Guitar magazine editor Robert Silverstein}


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