Outer Limits And Floored Masters: Past Imperfect
(Angel Air)


Back in the ‘60s for every great English rock band like Traffic or the Moody Blues, there was a hundred other worthy U.K. bands that just didn’t make the grade. One of England’s top reissue labels, Angel Air continues to remaster some great archival U.K. rock albums and they turn up gold with a 2008 double CD set by singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Christie and his band Outer Limits entitled Outer Limits And Floored Masters: Past Imperfect. Back in 1967, Christie in Outer Limits shared bills with Jimi Hendrix, The Move and Procol Harum and as their music here proves, there’s good reasons why. Christie’s early work in Outer Limits evokes both early Traffic with Dave Mason, and also music The Bee Gees were making around that same time. Despite some outstanding tracks, bad breaks marked the end of Outer Limits as contenders. Angel Air’s double CD set puts together 22 Outer Limits studio tracks released circa 1966-68 on the Deram and Immediate labels with 21 more tracks Christie recorded in 1978 and a couple more from 1981. Best known for writing and scoring big time with the 1970 Christie hit “Yellow River,’ Jeff Christie & company evoke a post-Beatles / Bee Gees kind of vibe and on these vintage Outer Limits cuts and coupled with the unearthed 1978 solo tracks it works just great. Par for the course with Angel Air, the double CD set features excellent liner notes.


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