Coïncidence - Then And Now
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The November 2007 double CD set, John Pierre Llabador Coïncidence Then And Now captures archival jazz rock and new jazz guitar sounds from French guitarist Jean Pierre Llabador. Starting Coïncidence with his brother keyboardist / guitarist Jean Claude Llabador back in the mid ‘70s, the pair recorded two Coïncidence group albums in ‘76 and ‘78 before Jean Claude tragically died. The 16 track disc one of this double CD set collects all but one of the 17 tracks of the entire two Coïncidence albums. With a melodic and dynamic approach to instrumental fusion, Coïncidence were among the best and brightest of the class of ‘77. Composing and recording classic guitar instrumentals for 30 years, Jean Pierre has released a wide array of albums in France and abroad—including a pair of ‘80s albums (Lp and CD) for the 1980's Breakthru’ label from NYC. Disc two of Coïncidence Then And Now is actually Jean Pierre’s 2006 studio album New Incidences15 cuts that carry on the Wes / Pat inspired jazz guitar instrumental sound that JP so deftly explored in the ‘80s and ‘90s too. Disc one of Coïncidence: Then And Now makes it a must for anyone looking to re-explore the historic “Eurock” sound of the late ‘70s, while the addition of New Incidences brings it all up to date for Jean Pierre. Historic liner notes by Robert Silverstein of sheds essential light on Llabador’s jazz rock guitar legacy.


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