Up and coming jazz rock guitarist Jason Sadites is making waves with his new instrumental jazz-rock fusion CD entitled Weve. With a bunch of fusion superstars assisting, Sadites has composed eleven tracks that provide a rugged format for his guitar prowess. Although he states in the liner notes about being humbled at the prospect of working with several musical legends, Sadites clearly isn’t afraid to share the musical sound stage here with top players like Tony Levin (Chapman stick), Brett Garsed (guitars) and the Bissonette brothers, Matt and Gregg, respectively on bass and drums. Sadites maintains a consistent edge throughout by infusing his strong fusion workouts with durable melodic ideas, case in point being the track “Oddly Enough” which features Levin on bass and Marco Minnemann on drums backing up Jason’s electric guitars and various sound effects. Another highlight here, track six “Fluid” is just that, with Jason’s guitars propelled along at breakneck speed by the Bissonettes. Guitar fans with an appetite for the musical virtuosity inherent in fiery fusion, and perhaps those looking to discover a younger Jeff Beck or Al DiMeola will totally dig where Sadites is coming from. www.Sadites.com

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Musical Background

I began playing guitar at the age of ten. By the time I was a teenager I was logging many hours a day practicing. I bought my first 4-track cassette machine when I was 16 and began learning the art of recording. For the most part I am a self taught guitarist and recording engineer. I learned most of what I do through lots of studying and trial and error.

New CD

The new CD is titled Weve. It was recorded in many different studios in the U.S, Canada and Europe over a period of about 2 years starting in early 2006. I had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the world’s best musicians and engineers on this project. Among them: Tony Levin, Kenny Aronoff, Marco Minnemann, Brett Garsed, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, Jerry Marotta, Martin Motnik and Jerry Marotta. It was a real honor to hear those incredible musicians perform my compositions. The drums and bass tracks were usually recorded in a studio close to where the respective musician lived, sometimes in there home studio. All the guitars were tracked at my personal studio.

As far as how it reflects my overall style and musicianship, the CD is an all instrumental mix of rock, progressive, jazz, blues and pop. I used a lot of odd time signatures throughout the CD, but not in an obvious way. I always tried to make them sound very flowing and musical. I also always tried to have a strong melodic hook through each and every song throwing in the flashy technical playing only where it was needed to serve the song.

Favorite Guitars

I have never been so happy with my equipment situation than I am at present. I am using guitars by a luthier named Michael Tuttle. After many years of trying many different high end guitars and never being totally satisfied, I had the opportunity at a NAMM show to try one of Michael’s guitars and fell instantly in love with them. He is truly making what I feel are the best instruments available today. You can check his work out at www.bestfrets.com I am playing one his Strat style guitars and a Custom Bent Top.

As far as amps go, I am still using Budda amplifiers. They are all I use and are just amazing. On the new CD, most of the songs feature the Budda Superdrive 30, which is my main amp. I also have a Superdrive 45 which is also featured on some songs on the new CD. I am also anxiously awaiting my new Budda V-20 which should be available very soon. The V series is going to be great. I encourage anybody out there in search of that elusive tone they are after to check out the Budda amps.

Recently I began using Ernie Ball Titanium coated strings, .10 - .46 set for a fairly low action. For live shows I often, use a TC Electronic G-System or sometimes just the amp with a Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy reverb pedal. I always have my Budda Wah pedal in the chain, it is a great wah.

Musical Influences

I have a very broad base of musical influences from Rush and Peter Gabriel to Sting and Stravinsky. As far as favorite guitarists, I could have a very long list, but I will say Jeff Beck, Guthrie Govan, Kevin Breit, Brad Paisley etc. The album that I listened to the most when I was learning would probably have to be Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow. That album was a huge influence on me. I think the first album that really hooked me on playing was Rush’s Moving Pictures, another very influential album. More recently though, I have been pulling out a lot of my old Frank Zappa albums and also Enigmatic Ocean by Jean-Luc Ponty.

I think my answer to this question would probably change with every passing week. I am constantly searching for great new and old music to listen to and revisiting CD’s that I haven’t listened to in some time.

Upcoming Plans

Well, even though I just recently released Weve, I have already started writing for my next project. Currently I am working on a song as a demo for some of the equipment that I use. I am hoping to have that available as a free download over the next few months. I am also looking into some venues to perform in support of the new project. Those will be posted on my web site as the dates become available.

Web Site

My web site is www.sadites.com . I can be contacted directly through my web page. My CD’s are available for order through the web at www.abstractlogix.com , www.cdbaby.com , www.guitar9.com and through ITunes.


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