I'm OK You're OK
(Noise McCartney Records)


It says a lot about the state of the American music business when one of our own, LA. based pop pundit Jason Falkner has to look to Japan to release his latest pop album, 2007’s I’m OK You’re OK. Actually, it's not too bad. Jason did release his second Beatles instrumental pop effort Bedtime With The Beatles 2 here in the U.S. in 2008 but his latest pop-rock album hasn’t come out Stateside and in the aftermath, it's sort of disappeared amid the shake-up of 2008. Simply, one of the finest pop albums ever to be committed to silver disc, I’m OK You’re OK is way more than okay. It’s utterly brilliant. As with his earlier albums, Jason plays everything in sight and fitting his mega chops around a set of indelible pop rockers, he simply dazzles in the sonic spectrum. The Japanese Bad News label, distributing Jason’s Noise McCartney imprint, has done a great job with their silver disc, adding in an indispensable lyric sheet and a wild looking Japanese insert which also features Jason’s track by track liner notes in English and more of his notes on the making of the album. Made over a six year period, I’m OK You're OK was finished in 2007 and was thankfully picked up by the Japanese, who in this case are total audiophiles and they did a great job sonically as well. Will I’m OK You’re OK come out in America on a big label? Who cares. Pick up the Japanese import CD and you’ll be in for one of the coolest pop thrills of the triple oh’s. www.JasonFalkner.com


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