Encomium In Memoriam


A joint production by Cameron Michael Parkes (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, percussion) of Box o’ Clox and producer Mark A. Moore, Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1 celebrates the music of early ‘60s surf-rock pioneer Jan Berry of Jan & Dean. On par with Brian Wilson as a singer / composer / producer, Berry never quite got the same amount of respect in the music world and Parkes and Moore go the distance to correct that oversight with this 2008 tribute CD. Following his near fatal car crash in 1966, Berry carried on with partner Dean Torrance though sadly Berry passed away in 2006. Famous for his Box o’ Clox tributes to Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, Parkes and Moore have crafted a modern surf-rock inspired masterpiece with this Jan Berry tribute. Focusing on Berry’s original arrangements based on his personal archive of music charts and scores, the CD studio sound is enhanced by an incredible lineup of seasoned L.A. studio hands and voices including early Beach Boys’ guitarist David Marks and pop icon P.F. Sloan. The CD book is encyclopedic, filled with rare b&w photos and amazing details about Berry’s career and the making of this tribute.


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